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Bikeways. Long ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones. Together they make up the backbone of any burgeoning bicycle culture and play a star role in providing a realistic, future proof transport modal mix for any modern city which is why I say the more the better though I definitely prefer the ones that keep me physically separated from cars and trucks in places where things are a little squeezy. Brisbane is one such city and the new CityLink bikeways running through our fine CBD are an example of such bikeways. They’re a very long awaited step in the right direction in keeping with many other aspiring World Cities and BCC did a fine job of getting them installed.

Bicycle courier in Brisbane CityLink bike lane

Such a fantastic step forward but we forget the irrational, regressive, bullying, short sighted forces that lurk just beneath the surface and the oligarch-controlled main stream media that profits from manufacturing outrage by creating and sensationalising what are really non-issues that then play into the twisted ideologies of said irrational forces who then attempt to wind back progress on things like inner city bikeways. Pretty sickening, really. So, if you love the CityLink bikeways even just a little bit, make a point of letting BCC know but more importantly, ride in them. A lot. Bikes, scooters, whatever you want that’s allowed on them but use the bikeways until the green pain wears off them to show your support and maybe, just maybe you’ll be helping to secure the future of CityLink and hopefully other projects like it.

Commuter and recreational riders in CityLink bike lanes

Aaaand, end rant.

So, onto more positive things and looks like it’s time once again for the Brisbane Bicycle Film Night and Cargo Bike Expo. Details are as per the very fine Space for Cycling Brisbane poster below. Buy some tickets soon right here, find a nice warm jumper and come along.

Brisbane Bicycle Film Night 2021

And speaking of cargo bikes, is there any limit to their usefulness? I’m gonna say, no. Take for example my recent trip to a local beach to enjoy some fishing and a spot of lunch. Many would immediately reach for a set of car keys to do such an outing but with a cargo bike like my Yuba Boda Boda, there’s absolutely no need and the outing starts right at your front door with the ride to the destination being all part of the fun rather than having to fight the traffic on the way to your destination. I managed to pack everything from folding chairs and beach umbrella to fishing gear and a large cooler bag with food all onto the back of the Boda Boda and I could fit quite a bit more with the addition of the Yuba Bread Basket if needed.

Cargo bike on the way to the beach

Folding chairs and umbrella on a cargo bike
Folding chairs and beach umbrella easily strap onto the Yuba
Fishing rods and Esky on a cargo bike
Fishing rods, thongs, cooler bag of food and a pannier with clothes and other loose items
Fishing with a cargo bike
All set up to fish and chill out. That lamp post could do with a lick of paint though.

Lastly, with the Brisbane weather having snapped into that cool, crisp, clear winter state, this morning I decided to once again get the road bike out, put on some stretchy clothes and clown shoes and head out around Brisbane’s quintessential Fred route, the River Loop (fitting for a Fred like myself). Plus, I finally got to ride over the new Victoria Bridge bikeway which is unfortunately not on my work commute route. I also got to remind myself again how much fun my road bike is to ride even if my performance was probably lower than average (I don’t know for sure because my cheap little bike computer ran out of battery not long after I started the ride). It’s probably better that way anyway.

Road cycling on Brisbane's River Loop
The Corso on the River Loop road ride
On the way home from the River Loop
Kedron Brook bikeway on the way home

Ride safe and see you out there some time.

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