The following is a selection of cycling related books and other publications that I have found interesting and useful. Please check back here from time to time for updates.

Roads Were Not Built For Cars

A meticulously researched treatise about exactly what the title says and the huge role that the early uptake of cycling played in the evolutions of the infrastructure that we take for granted today. Highly recommended. And be sure to have a look at the associated website too.

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Fantastic ideas for urban design and planning based around bicycles instead of cars by architectural theorist and historian Steven Fleming.

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Wheeling Matilda: The Story Of Australian Cycling

A most interesting history of the forgotten role of the bicycle in Australia’s history. You’ll be surprised how intertwined the bicycle is with our early culture and lifestyle before the cars took over.

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The positive effects of cycling on the economy that we aren’t taking advantage of.

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The Ultimate Bicycle Owners Manual

A tongue-in-cheek look at acquiring, riding and maintaining your bike(s) by renowned bike blogger Eben Weiss aka BikeSnob of New York City. This book also cuts cycling down to size and shows that anyone can ride even if you’re not looking to become an elite athlete or willing to spend a bucket of money.

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Boneshaker Magazine

Although officially no longer publishing, as at this writing there are still copies of the magazine available. Printed on luxurious matt paper stock and gold embossed, these editions are packed full of stories, poems, artwork and miscellaneous curios about cycling culture. Every edition is an escape into the sublime.

Just Ride

Grant Petersen’s well known guide on how to stop trying to model your riding on the styles and habits of professional riders and instead focus on riding enjoyment and fitness on your own terms. A real eye opener and well worth as read. Grant is also the founder and owner of Rivendell Bicycle Works.

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Bike Boom

A fascinating history of the bike infrastructure related political tussles and resulting bike booms of the past century by the venerable Carlton Reid. The book also covers the current cycling boom and the lessons that can be learned from major bike infrastructure projects of the past.

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