Who are you and what is this website about?

This is a blog about riding bicycles in Brisbane, Australia. We have great weather and a burgeoning bike culture which I think is worth writing about. Our bicycle infrastructure is constantly improving though I think it still has a way to go before we can really call ourselves a cycling city.

I’m not an economist, professional writer (obviously), town planner or architect so keep your expectations low about the content here and how often it appears. I’m just a guy living in Brisbane suburbia who thinks that we should try to do better as far as creating a livable, sustainable transport modal mix and city. I think the bicycle along with public transport and other active and low speed modes like walking, e-bikes, skateboards and even mobility scooters are the vehicles we should be doing our town planning around instead of the motor car. I do what I can to promote those goals day to day but certainly don’t pretend to be any kind of guru or beacon in that regard. I own a car, use it as little as possible (usually less than once a week) and consider myself to be “in transition” from car usage to something better as improvements to the built environment permit.

I cycle everywhere I can in Brisbane and think of myself as an all round cyclist – there isn’t really any cycling discipline that I haven’t or wouldn’t partake in but at the moment I think it’s most important that we all get out of the mindset that cycling is just for recreation and sports and also start riding for everyday purposes like getting to work, shopping or going to the pub without any special sports clothing or equipment for the sake of normalising cycling.

What are the rules on commenting?

Feel free to contribute, disagree, swear or just be silly but if you intimidate, threaten, defame or generally be too much of a dick, your comment(s) will be removed and may possibly be handed over to the authorities for further action. You have been warned. Also, you don’t get to plead your case for a comment to be published. I have the final say on what goes public and what doesn’t. The end.

How can I contact you?

You can email your complaints, accolades, offers of gifts or general expressions of disgust to info at velo dot moda.

I’m going out of my mind – where are your FaceTube, TwitBook and InstaFail links?

There are none because (anti) social media platforms are created by psychopaths for the sole purpose of making money from you by sucking you in, making you reliant on them and selling/targeting advertising and data. It’s kind of like those bears they keep in cages and milk for bile. Go ride your bike instead of wasting time on social media. And speaking of riding bikes, no, I’m not on Strava either.

Can I reuse the content on this website?

Generally, no. All the writing and most of the photos here are created by me and cannot currently be reused without my permission (photos which are not created by me are sourced from free to use stock websites like Pixabay, etc). If you want to quote something I’ve said, I’m likely to have no problem if you cite a paragraph or two with a link back to the page you got it from but for anything beyond that it’s best to get it touch. If you aren’t sure, just email me.

The producer of the Velo Moda website acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land where I create and publish content from, the Turrbal and Jagera people, and pay my respect to Elders past, present and emerging. I recognise their continued connection to the land and waters of this beautiful place.
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