Still Sleeping

Yep, I’m still in that mood. Still sleeping, still in the same dream state since my last post. The dreaded virus has had us in another lockdown since then – a small one so we can still think ourselves lucky. Time went by relatively quickly inside but left me feeling quite sedentary – tired from too much rest. There was, of course, only one thing to do when release day came.

Another day, another cow track. I’ve got a great little collection of them. Just pick and go. Maybe mix a few up. Well used and familiar but somehow new again. Today it would be a multi-terrain ramble with some proper rough stuff. Wayne’s World at Bunyaville, to the back of Ironbark, down the Kombi Express, under Samford Rd and along Lanita Rd to the Ferny Grove Rail Trail then into Samford to get lunch. Stopping to notice the small things, the tiny little things would be the flavour of the journey. Stopping to chat, to say g’day. You get what I mean.

Screamed down Wayne’s for some thrills first up and climbed up onto Dugandan where I slowed to follow the road along then down Linkwood and up to the back of Ironbark. Plenty of other people on bikes out and about looking like they’re loving it as much as I was. Putted through Ironbark toward the Kombi Express. The day and the surroundings struck me at each juncture. Details at every turn. Bush decorations, people celebrating Easter, small wildlife.

Spider closeup Ironbark Gully

Mountain bike Ironbark gully top

Onward I went, up the climb to the Kombi Express for my second and final thrill of the day. I paused at the top to rest, drink and advise directions to a passerby. Then down the Kombi for six or seven minutes of good clean fun. Maybe eight. The skills park at the bottom was abuzz with kids and kids at heart. Good to see.

Mountain bike Ferny Grove creek bridge

Ironbark Gully fire trail

Now it was time to duck under Samford Rd and climb up to Lanita. The creek was still full after the rain and bubbled some sweet nothings to me as I went through the underpass. Ever onward up Lanita and into the rail trail I glided along the smooth, still new black surface. Walkers, roadies, other mountain bikers, scooter kids.

Green air plant

Then the penny dropped. There’s a second section of the rail trail that I didn’t know about along McLean Rd North and it’s been there for a considerable amount of time. The ride was now very much better. Good fortune but at the same time, what an idiot for missing it all that time.

Almost at Samford now, almost lunchtime. I climbed up Petersen and gazed at Mt Nebo in the distance – the big green beanbag. I turned right and rolled into the hive of activity that was Samford just a little while later. The lockdown was finished but everything still felt a bit Covid-ish. I pulled up, slapped my mask over my face and got something to eat and drink but made sure it was all “transportable” – a scroll, a muesli bar, a can of iced coffee, a chocolate treat. From my bum bag I produced a small drawstring backpack, piled my food into it and hightailed it back into the bush. It was best.

Lunch on the Ferny Grove Rail Trail

Finding a lunch spot on the Ferny Grove Rail Trial

Before long I was back on the rail trail and found a small side track that would provide some solitude. A few twists and turns and I arrived at nature’s own little lunchroom complete with a bench and a view. Lunch was something of a paradox – junkfood amongst nature.

Forest creatures

Then it was time to retrace my route back home. I arrived back just before the rain started again and began sorting through my cow track collection once more for my next ride.

See you out there some time.

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