Springing Into Spring

Apologies for that title – my post naming foo has truly waned today.

Well, first things first. It’s time for another instalment of All The Way To EJ on Sunday, 13th November, 2022. The meeting point is King George Square at 8:45am for a 9:00am start to a slow roll over to Kalinga Park next to the Kedron Brook Bikeway. As usual, this is a worthwhile campaign to try and get the missing link of the North Brisbane Bikeway finally built. More here.

Next, you may or may not remember me ranting quite a while ago about the lack of good quality undercover bike parking in major shopping centres like Chermside Westfield. Well, I’m not sure how long ago it happened but it looks like Westfield might have been paying attention to my ranting (maybe) because I recently stumbled upon these stainless steel beauties in the underground carpark of their Chermside centre. A small investment but a really big help especially when it’s raining and you need a try place to pack your panniers and get your wet weather gear on. It would be even better if they came up with somewhere to put a protected lane leading up to the racks but it’s definitely a good start and I’ll definitely be using them anytime I’m there. The racks are at the northern end underneath where the food court begins.

Chermside Westfield underground bike racks

Speaking of which, the big guy with the red suit and beard will be paying some of you a visit again soon which means that you’ll no doubt be frequenting places like Westfield Chermside more than usual. For some, the first thing that comes to mind when you’re about to start Christmas shopping is to grab your car keys but this year, why not try something new by grabbing a bike and riding to Westfield Chermside instead even if for no other reason than to avoid the unbelievable congestion. Unless you’re generous enough to be buying someone a fridge or home gym for Christmas, there’s a very good chance you could probably carry your purchases home by bike in a basket, pannier bag or even a backpack. Or if you have bought some slightly larger items why not consider an inexpensive trailer or, if you’re willing to make a larger commitment, how about a cargo bike? On a summer’s day, you could also bring a change of clothes and incorporate a visit to the pool that’s right behind the centre.

Anyway, some food for thought. That’s all I have today. Ride safe and hope to see you at the All The Way To EJ ride on November 13.

Header image by Ronny Overhate from Pixabay

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