It’s Mee Again

Climbing Mt Mee Queensland

With my recently commenced phase of enthusiasm for road biking now in full swing, I decided it was long enough since my last encounter with Mt Mee in Brisbane’s north-west. So, adorned with stretchy clothes and clown shoes once again, I awoke at an hour that I had forgotten even existed, shovelled a large bowl of carbohydratey foodstuff down my gullet and flung myself out the door.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather and immensely enjoyed the cool air and distinct lack of traffic as I headed down Dayboro Rd to the little town of Dayboro. Before I knew it, I had hit the township and made a hard right to start climbing the mountain.

Mt Mee Queensland

As expected, I made slower time that my last trip up here before all the malarkey with my back problems but I actually did better than I expected on my climb mostly spinning at high cadence. Soon I was at the top at the corner of Townsend Rd but abstained from climbing the “the kicker” this time.

Mt Mee pinnacle

Descending is still not a strong point for me so I look it quite easy on the way down and enjoyed the views and also noticed that a couple of photographers had set up at a vantage point to snap up the scenery as well as the passing traffic. As I came past, I noticed that I seemed to be right in the field of vision of rather large camera lens. Who knows – maybe I’ll find myself on the pages of some glossy coffee table picture book or high profile website…though more likely in an article entitled something like “Notable Dorks Of South-East Queensland”.

Because I was riding solo, I decided to skip the coffee and breakfast and headed straight through Dayboro when I reached the bottom of the mountain. My regular route when I do Mt Mee is to head out of town along Mt Samson Road which is what I did this time but, in retrospect, I think going back home along Dayboro Rd may be a better option. Having ridden both roads, I think Dayboro Rd has wider shoulders and better visibility.

Dayboro Queensland main street

All up, it was a great morning ride and I did it early enough to beat the heat and still have the rest of the day to eat, sleep and perform all the other top secret stuff that I do.

Just a short post today so that’s it for Mt Mee but I will finish up with a few odds, ends and events. Here we go…

The Brissie to the Bay bike ride is coming up in June. It’s a sportiv for a really good cause. Maybe you know of someone with MS or maybe you’re just looking for a great day out. Maybe you could do in memory of the late, great Sheldon Brown who passed away from MS some years ago. Either way, it’s a good one to consider doing.

Brissie To The Bay ride 2019

Also, from BQ, there’s the Ipswich 100 which includes a metric and imperial century depending on how sprightly you’re feeling which will take in the Scenic Rim.

Ipswich 100 ride 2019

And last but definitely not least, the Space4Cycling Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival is also approaching fast. I loved this event last year and look forward to this year’s installment. Riding bikes at night to go and see movies about bikes – what more could you possibly ask for?

Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival 2019

And there you have it. I’ll be attending at least one if not more of the above depending on time and, of course, the level of my sheer laziness.

See you out there some time.

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