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Well, life’s little ups and down have once again pulled me into a timewarp and only now have I come around and realised how long it’s been since I frequented this blog. With regard to my physical condition, there’s been more downs than ups mainly due to my ageing carcass so tales of epic times and bicycle related adventure stand counted at a fairly round number. That’s not to say that I haven’t been doing any of the utility type bike cycling – indeed I have. In fact, the Brompton and I have been the very bestest of buddies frequenting my place of employment, various after hours engagements and the odd cafe.

My Cannondale-mountain-bike-to-cargo-bike conversion has also been a favorite on my bicycle menu for fetching groceries or running errands that require the carrying some large-ish this, that or other. But then, the other day Eben Weiss tapped out this fine piece about the role of the ebike in dealing with the problems of city congestion and road carnage and how the powers that be ought to dish out some sort of financial incentive to those who purchase one. And while I know that most of the pinheads in power in this country would sooner shave off their eyebrows than give out any such incentive, it did get me thinking about how such a machine might be of benefit to me and how little old Brisbane probably faces the same kind of problems as New York even if we aren’t quite as far down the line as they are just yet.

As a result, I’ve been poking and prodding, tossing and turning and asking hard questions of the best people in the business. The washup of my little research project is something I’m going to share soon but not just yet so you’ll have to check back here again in a little while.

Sorry to leave you hanging like that. Gotta run.

Cargo bike with trailer

Ride safe and see you real soon.

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