Vacuity, Newsflash Or Something Like That…

I’m back yet again so soon because there’s a few events either already in progress or almost ready to burst into existence like some kind of big bang ushering in a brand new universe which I thought were pretty cool and worth a special mention. Hence, I’ve instructed my vast team of editors, content writers, graphic artists and sundry staff1 to interrupt regular scheduling2 and bring you this super-fast update of what’s going down in Brisbane town. Here we go…

Firstly there’s the Style Over Speed Ride on Saturday, 14 March 2020 which departs from King George Square at 3:30pm and heads (slowly) across town to the UQ St Lucia campus where the Brisbane Cargo Bike Expo will take place in the Holt Room from 5pm-6pm. I’m really looking forward to both the ride and seeing where Brisbane’s cargo bike culture is at.

Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival 2020

If that’s not enough, then right after the Cargo bike expo, just up the stairs, there’ll be food for sale at the Pizza Cafe followed by the Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival in the Schonell Theatre. The BBFF features Brisbane Bike Bites which is an annual short film competition by local entrants and the grand finale is a screening of the new cargo bike documentary, Motherload which is “A crowdsourced documentary about how cargo bikes will save the world”. You’ll need tickets if you want to see that one so do as I have and get them here. Go on, do it. Do it right now.

Get tickets for Motherload cargo bike documentary

Now, if all of humanity was a teenage boy and the world was his room, his mother would have kicked him out of the house a long time ago and told him to go share that dingy flat above the laundromat a few streets over with his mate, Beady. Yes, humans collectively live like pigs which is why we need to make a conscious effort to spend some time cleaning our room and events like Clean Up Australia Day are a pretty good start. This year’s installment is on Sunday 1 March and there are quite a few sites across Brisbane that you can join up to or even start your own. So, if you’d like to participate, make a donation or both, get clicking below and do what what needs to be done.

Clean Up Australia Day

Finally, if you’re looking for a little culture and inspiration in your life, why not grab a bike and roll down to the Queensland Art Gallery to see the Water exhibition which is currently on display until 26 April 2020. It’s well worth the few bucks to get in and, as with all visits to QAGOMA, makes for a great slow roll on your bike with maybe some lunch afterwards. Here’s a little taste – spoiler alert if you’re planning to go and be completely surprised stop scrolling now.

QAGOMA Water exhibition animals

QAGOMA Water exhibition rock stream

That’s it. Update complete. Ride safe and see you out there sometime.

1. By staff I really mean just me unless you count the dead gecko under my desk which I haven’t been bothered to pick up. So gross.
2. There is no actual schedule. I’m much too disorganised for that and, let’s be honest, when you hunt and peck at the speed that I do it’s a wonder any of this rubbish gets published at all.

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