The Show Must On

The rain is coming down. A few days worth in one day. It’s a reality now – we’re going to get more and more of this sort of thing. No, it’s not just another Queensland summer like you remember twenty years ago. The stats are a bit more reliable than your memory.

The water is everywhere and, as you might expect, many more than usual clamber into their metal coffins because we’re above all that savage drenching and messy mud and running makeup, right? We’re hyper-clean, perpetually sweet smelling, air conditioned, perfectly matched demigods, right? Inconvenience is dirty and exertion is unthinkable, right? (Well, maybe if you’re in the right company and wearing the right brands)…Sorry, time to wake up!

The water and the mud and the leaf litter is where we’re from. It’s what we are. Don’t be afraid. As the old saying goes: not made of sugar, won’t melt.

It’s wet and warm not wet and cold so get on that steed and spin past the gridlock. Power through those puddles. Not many obstacles around town will stop you. Cut down that bikeway, that side street, through that little alleyway. Cars won’t be following you down there. Especially when they’re not moving anywhere.

Don’t worry, your boss probably won’t notice those wrinkles in your shirt from having it rolled up in the bottom of your pannier bag. If he does, ask him to buy an iron for the office. Then, sitting at your desk, plug that iron in, take off your shirt and iron it (might wanna move your keyboard first).

Good panniers are waterproof, your laptop will be fine. Your work clothes and shoes will stay dry. Quickdry shorts and tees really do dry quick. Wet lube will keep you shifting smoothly. Sandals will stop your feet feeling like you’re wearing fresh fish.

For goodness sake don’t be a hero though. Fluro isn’t cool, for sure…wear it anyway. Turn those lights on. It’s a bike not a boat – know when it’s too ridiculous and go around.

When you get there (maybe first), when you’re changed and showered, that’ll be the first achievement of the day ticked off and you’ll feel a million bucks. That I can promise.

Ride safe and see you out there sometime.

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